Boys Party Ideas

Boys Party Ideas

Stuck for boys party ideas – look no further! We have some great party themes for you to choose from.

At a-party superhero we focus on traditional themes that have been loved by boys for years, for that classy party feel. So rest assured with our carefully arranged party packages we have replaced tackiness with style (but of course kept the fun!), pleasing both adults and children.

What’s more, our kits have everything you need for your party table and stress-free party set up. So you can have the perfect ‘social media ready’ photos making even the celebs envious of your perfect party!

Our range of boys party packages cover all age categories from baby boys and toddlers through to children and teenagers. Check out our boys tableware party kits range and select your perfect package.

Here are some of our fave boys party themes for babies, toddlers and children:

Pirate Theme

A centrepiece is the heart of this table package and finished off with gold table confetti, like pirate coin treasure. A classic that never gets old.

Knight and Dragon Theme

What boy wouldn’t be happy with being the knight in shining armour?! The knight and dragon theme tableware package even includes inflatable swords.

Jungle Theme

For the boy who loves his lion and tiger roars this party theme is definitely the one. Featuring cute jungle animal head straws and animal print balloons this kit for your party table is bright and striking.

Football Theme

Although black and white this theme is not dull. The grass print table cover and the football foil balloon centrepiece make this boys party package energy filled.

Farm Theme

Here an oink, there an oink! The farm tableware package is one of the few that contain not only one but two foil balloon centre pieces per package – after all we it wouldn’t be a farm theme without a tractor and a pig!

Dinosaur Theme

A red and orange dinosaur centrepiece balloon – that says it all!

Fire Engine Theme

Nee-naw, nee-naw! The red, yellow and black really come together with the fire engine balloon centrepiece for the boy that loves to play fireman.

Digger Theme

How many boys love their digger toys? So why not have a yellow digger themed party.

Aeroplane Theme

Prefer the idea of a flying high in the sky than wheels on the ground?! The red, blue and yellow combines primary colours that are bold and fearless.

Under The Sea Theme

Rather than high in the sky maybe the depth of the oceans are more what you’re looking for. Choose from the tropical fish, dolphin or octopus under the sea package and fill your party room with beautiful colours of the sea.

Some of our top teenage boy tableware party kits:

Minecraft Theme

Minecraft – Need I say any more?! Our classy take on the modern craze.

Football Theme

From toddler to teenager, if your after a football theme party then this is the package for you.

Celebration Bottle Theme

Ok, so this is more for the eighteen year old party but they are still teenagers really aren’t they?!

If your not keen on a theme for a birthday party then we also have a range of age category themed parties:

1st – 17th Birthday Party Theme

Pick an age and choose from pink, gold, black, silver, blue or rose gold and have the number foil balloons and the tableware to match.

Or to suit boys of any age we have a range of colour themes to choose from:

Rainbow Primary Colours Theme

Can’t decide a colour? The primary colour package has all the bright colours from red – purple – so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Party by Colour

Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple/Black/Gold/Silver – We have thought of all the colour choices for your party theme. You can pick your fave colour and we have brought everything together in one package to match.

Now you have all the ideas for your boys party theme get shopping for kits for your boys party!